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Our fragrances are designed for use in both home and commercial spaces. At the heart of all Hyscent fragrance refills are pure fragrance and essential oils with aromatherapeutic benefits. Depending on the fragrance, up to 50 individual oils can be used. It is the complexity of the formulation that creates a “true” fragrance of the highest quality.

Hyscent fragrances are made from a Proprietary Polymer Blend infused with pure fragrance and essential oils. These essential oils are infused at the molecular level and are released evenly throughout the life of the refill.


Over ten years of development and research have allowed Hyscent to offer one of the most technologically advanced fragrance products in use today. Absent of propellants, petroleum distillates and harmful solvents, Hyscent delivers pure, natural “Essential Oil” fragrances untainted by harmful chemicals. Because the refills are completely dry, there are no spills, mess or wasteful evaporation.

Our refills release a dry vapor. The Essential Oil molecules travel to the surface of the refill through a process known as molecular migration, They are then dispersed into the area to be fragranced (dry vapour diffusion) via the specially designed centrifugal fan(s) . Working like a time-released capsule, the Hyscent refill will have continued efficacy for the life of the refill.

Aerosols, Gels and Liquid Oil products contain overly generous amounts of propellants, petroleum distillates and heavy solvents. These “non fragrance” products inhibit the fragrance flow through the air by surrounding the fragrance molecules and dragging them to the ground. Because Hyscent’s refills emit a dry vapor absent of all of these products, the fragrance molecules will remain suspended in the air until the next fan cycle.

All Hyscent devices have been designed to work exclusively with our Proprietary Polymer Blend. The cylindrical shape of the Solo and Dual is perfectly designed to maximize efficiency and fragrance output. The minimal head-space inside both devices, ensures that the fragrance is continually delivered in a focused and steady flow, ensuring longevity and quality of fragrance for the life of the refill.

Yes! Our refills are fully recyclable under plastics category 7.

Yes! Simply place it underneath the bin liner in your trash bin. Your Hyscent refill will work for months, eliminating the nasty odors in your trash. Check out our handy guide here.

No. Hyscent refills rate a zero (0) in both the HMIS and NFPA ratings system. The flammability rating for Gels, Liquids and Aerosols vary from two (2) to four (4).

Yes. All of our fragrance refills are non-toxic for children and pets. They are safe under conditions of anticipated use. In addition to a long history of safe use, a well-established program exists within the fragrance industry for objective, scientific evaluation of the safety of its materials and this is supported by governmental requirements that establish expectations for safety substantiation of fragrance products.


Hyscent complies with the industry standards set by IFRA, the International Fragrance Association and (RIFM) Research Institute for Fragrance Materials.


Nonetheless, our devices do contain batteries and small parts, so we advise keeping them away from the reach of small children.

All Hyscent refills are VOC compliant and eco-friendly.

All Hyscent refills contain Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather than simply “masking” them. Odoraxe™ is effective against malodors such as tobacco smoke, bathroom smells, body malodor, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells and pet smells. Even when you can no longer smell the fragrance, Odoraxe™ continues to be effective and counteract malodours. Read more about it here.

No. Our completely dry refills leave no residue whatsoever and have no corrosive effects on any surface, unlike candles and liquid fragrance products and sprays.

Gels, plugins and reed diffusers are wet products and dry out. The surface of a wick or reed changes integrity within the first few days of use, severely diminishing the fragrance output and efficacy of the product.


Hyscent refills are completely dry and the surface integrity never changes. This guarantees a continual flow of fragrance for the life of the refill. Typically when a refill is spent, it will have lost about 15% of its starting size, but evenly and not losing its original shape. The Hyscent refill is never wet to the touch, so cannot dry out.

All of our fragrance cartridges are heat sealed in cast polypropylene bags, providing a shelf life of up to 3 years. We recommend storing them in a cool dry place. The optimum storage temperature is 59-77F(15-25C.)

Hyscent refills will perform in either hot or cold environments. However it is advised to avoid use in either extreme heat or cold.

The Solo requires 2x C Cell batteries, and the Dual requires 2x D Cell Batteries. Stealth requires a power outlet.

Depending on the selected setting, batteries can last between 5 and 18 months (Solo and Dual)


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Our team is here to help find the perfect scent marketing or odor control solution for your business. 

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