Odor Neutralizing Technology

Odoraxe™ is an odor control and malodor technology that is scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather than "masking" them.

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Fragrances that eliminate odors make a happier space.

Odoraxe™ was designed to organically eliminate malodors at the molecular level and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). All Hyscent refills contain Odoraxe™, and are effective against malodors such as tobacco smoke, bathroom smells, body malodor, pet, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells.

The majority of malodors we encounter in our daily lives are caused by a select number of chemical compounds. Some of the major offenders are as follows:

Chemical Compound
Example Odor

Lower Aliphatic Carboxylic Acid

Sweaty odors, hampers

Lower Aliphatic Amines

Fishy odors, decomposed foods


Diapers, pet urine

Lower Aliphatic Mercaptans

Bathroom odors

Aromatic Mercaptans

Cold waves, hair straighteners

Dimethyl Sulfde

Rotten eggs

Nitrogen Containing (Skatole)



Cigarette smoke



  • Fragrance malodor counteractants share common areas of receptor sites with many of the known malodor causing chemicals.
  • Our Perfumers have discovered ways of optimizing the concentration in the atmosphere of the malodor counteractants which are then built into the fragrance to interact with the receptor proteins in the nose and render or neutralize them, thus making them unavailable to malodor detection.
  • No interaction means no signal generation and hence no perception by the sense of smell.


  • Odoraxe molecule interacts with malodor molecule in the air
  • The malodor molecule distorts
  • The malodor molecule no longer has the precise characteristics to interact with the receptor site

Raw Material Testing

  • We screened inventory of over 1000 ingredients for candidates for testing
  • Special attention given to electrophiles
  • Rigorous testing protocols developed
  • Exhaustive testing of ingredients for efficacy as malodor eliminators
  • Palette of Odoraxe™ ingredients created

Guaranteed results

In conclusion, masking is the combination of Odor A and Fragrance B with an overall intensity increase. This may cause problems with sensitive consumers and is generally perceived as a poor way to fight or cover up malodors. By contrast, Odoraxe’s odor neutralization/counteraction is the combination of Odor A and Odoraxe accord B accompanied by a reduction in the combined odor intensity. Odoraxe is the perfect modern day proprietary technology for treating both consumer homes and restaurants, and it’s safe for pets!

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