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Here at Hyscent, we believe that nothing is more inviting than the aromas derived from essential oils. They inspire and engage, and it is said that smell is the most intimate of our five senses. Our range of intelligent diffusers combined with our proprietary essential oil “dry vapor” technology are made to exacting standards. And, our fragrances conform to the guidelines for environmental and human health set by RIFM and IFRA. Hyscent says to all who visit or work in your facility.... you are welcome.

Simon Sassoon, CEO & Inventor

Hyscent's products

Through modern ingenuity, Hyscent offers the most stylish and efficient fragrance commercial scent diffusers on the market. It is our priority to provide superior fragrances for everyone’s comfort and continuous pleasure. Our fragrances are formulated with Ordoraxe™ a commercial grade odor control. This unique malodor counteractant is present in all our commercial scenting systems.

Hyscent's fragrances

It is about purity. We are passionate about providing the highest quality fragrances made from the purest essential and fragrance oils that are eco happy and healthy.

Hyscent refill cartridges are made in the USA using APAT (Advanced Polymer Absorption Technology). Proprietary manufacturing techniques ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Hyscent's community

No matter how big or how small, Hyscent fragrances provide a welcoming experience to all. "The Hyscent fragrance system has changed the paradigm… When the proper fragrance is utilized with the malodor issue the result is spectacular. The satisfaction rate from end users has been 100%!"

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