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At the heart of Hyscent fragrances are pure essential oils with aromatherapeutic benefits. Essential oil fragrances can affect mood, boost productivity and create a desired atmosphere.

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Our fragrance families

Our home and commercial fragrances are made with the perfect blend of natural scents and essential oils.

We have two fragrance families to choose from…


Your ‘go-to’ collection of familiar and comforting scents designed to suit any mood and refresh any space.

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A carefully curated collection of on-trend scents that inspire and indulge with sophistication, style and beauty.

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Fragrances that eliminate odors make a happier space.

Hyscent refills contain Odoraxe™, a malodor technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather than “masking” them.

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Fragrance Notes

Like in music, fragrances are composed of a complex medley of notes: top, middle and base notes creating balanced and refined compositions. The ratio of those notes influences the character as well as the performance of the fragrance.

The intensity of the fragrance is reflective in the individual properties of the natural oils.

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Let Hyscent create something truly unique for you and your business.

We’ve already carefully crafted a stunning range of bespoke scents for companies across the globe, from Australia, Kuwait to Scandinavia. Our custom Baked Bread and Cinnabon fragrances are also in use within the USA’s top rated convenience store chain. Contact us today to see what we can create, together.

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