Welcome our new HYscent website!

Feel free to browse through HYscent.com and find your favorite fragrances and devices! Explore our wonderfully handcrafted Signature Fragrance Line at the tip of your fingers. Choose a fragrance that can enhance your environment by quickly referencing HYscent fragrance traits and intensity. Whether you would like to simply click in an “Appetizing” Apple Jack cartridge into your HYscent Solo and leave it on your desk. Or try a HYscent favorite by combining a “Warming and Inviting” Café Mocha with our “Sweet and Comforting” Vanilla into a Dual, mount it in a lobby entrance, and allow HYscent to inspire. Don’t forget to select a device color and learn from an assortment of installation tips on the Device pages to get the most out of your HYscent dispenser. Our fragrancing options are simple, efficient, and endless. Just remember to allow the fun and creativity to flow, and fragrance on!


We are here to meet all your fragrance needs and to answer any questions you may have about our products. So please feel free to reach out.

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